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Posted on 16.11.18 - Chapter 4 is concluded. Check out the latest 2 pages (114 and 115). Page 114 -



During these several days without comic I’ve done a huge work that no one probably would notice or care about. Yet, to me it was very important!

Today I updated the Geography and nations category in my Monstroniverse lore collection.


List of things that changed:


Karandia map – removed the descriptions of the individual zones as links in it were broken and unfixable due to site’s functionality.


Ik’sumar – completely reworked the layout of the article. Edited some portions of text to avoid inconsistencies. Map was landmarks was added into the article.


Ruby beads isles – fixed some grammar mistakes.


Inginia’s greatest secret – Numerous edits to the text part, overall idea stayed the same.


Dornia – New article is created. Brief description of the kingdom and map with landmarks are now all in one place.


Avora – Layout updated in the same way as Ik’sumar.


History of Dornia – moved into “Historical events” category.







The stories of this comic take place in a fictional universe and follow adventures of various characters. Mysteries, magic, drama, action, horror, comedy, smut - it has it all!

This comic is for 18+ viewers only. It contains NSFW themes, such as nudity, explicit sex (both consensual and not), violence, gore and even some hentai themes such as monster impregnations, vore and such. 

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