Comic 248 - Page 57 - Half-goblin Grizlak

25th Mar 2018, 1:40 PM in Chapter 3 - A special invitation
Page 57 - Half-goblin Grizlak
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Darksh1ne 25th Mar 2018, 1:40 PM edit delete
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Db 25th Mar 2018, 1:59 PM edit delete reply
Just wanted to ask, he is slightly bigger than he used to be, isn't he?
And blushing Nara is kind of cute. :P She is blushing a lot in the last time. ;P
Darksh1ne 26th Mar 2018, 7:09 AM edit delete reply
Yes I changed his design a bit to better reflect the orc/goblin difference. He is big as an orc, but his facial features are of a goblin, except for they're not as pronounced as before (Not as long nose this time)

And it's true, blushing Nara is a cutie <3
Db 27th Mar 2018, 6:58 PM edit delete reply
Mhm, interesting, and quite understandable change of design.

Indeed, indeed. :3
...(RockB) 26th Mar 2018, 12:13 AM edit delete reply
Interesting choice of his mother. I'd like to know more about that.
Darksh1ne 26th Mar 2018, 7:08 AM edit delete reply
Soon ;)
Dera Nuel 26th Mar 2018, 4:29 PM edit delete reply
Dera Nuel
Great world building!
Darksh1ne 27th Mar 2018, 10:51 PM edit delete reply
Glad to hear that :)