Comic 665 - Page 83 - Battle against Glowslimer (Part 30)

13th Dec 2019, 12:09 PM in Chapter 7 - Those on top of the food chain
Page 83 - Battle against Glowslimer (Part 30)
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Darksh1ne 13th Dec 2019, 12:09 PM edit delete
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Ag 13th Dec 2019, 4:41 PM edit delete reply
I think I've asked this before, but why is it that glowslimers only have a threat level of E, when they can apparently kill you with that casting catalyst? Or is it that this particular glowslimer is just so unusually aggressive that he doesn't represent the norm?
Darksh1ne 13th Dec 2019, 5:41 PM edit delete reply
Yes, this question was briefly mentioned during previous chapter, where Anadel explained to Nara that monster's threat level is a sum of its power and aggressiveness.
Keep in mind that the threat levels are assigned in-universe, not by me. And Nara is going to question the monster's actions after this fight is over.
Glowslimers are immensely powerful because of the combination of their abilities (Resilience to damage, levitation, ability to cast spells), but they rarely if ever initiate an attack with intent to harm someone (Or... at least few survived such events to tell about them).
Db 14th Dec 2019, 12:17 AM edit delete reply
Uh, the tension is rising!